Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

Prior preparation and planning

Researching your destination is essential and time spent Traveling alone safety tips isn’t wasted. Read the culture and obtain an over-all sense of the nation. Could it be a Muslim country? If that’s the case then make sure you have packed the right clothing, consider how you can Dangers of travelling alone and merge accordingly. Will the country have strict laws and regulations about how a lady should ‘behave’? As individual travelers we might not accept particular country views but it’s very important to become a sincere traveler abroad to prevent trouble. Will the country possess a culture of ‘hassling’ females, what is the good reputation for sexual attacks Traveling alone safety tips females, each one of these issues have to be identified just before departure. With prior understanding after that you can plan to adjust to the atmosphere.

Communicate with fellow travelers

When one heads on travel ‘alone’ it’s rare that you simply Solo female travel statistics alone once overseas (unless of course solo travel is positively went after). There’ll always be people traveling exactly the same ‘route’ or solo travelers within the same hostel or How to stay safe as a woman. Friendships are created and bonds created with the mutual interests of travel and adventure. These new connections can offer additional safety, for instance through others looking out for you personally, others for traveling, new buddies to talk about taxis and buses with. Even though it is essential to most probably to new friendships it is important to your individual safety to maintain situational awareness whatsoever occasions.

Lose the jewellery

Try to avoid shiny or costly searching jewellery and accessories. Solo female travel blog, bracelets, necklaces and alike ought to be prevented. The same thing goes with top of the line phones, laptops and cameras.

Plan routes

Regardless if you are returning home from the bar, beach or museum consider what route you’ll take. Avoid quiet areas, alleyways or any other perceived regions of risk. Always consider utilizing a taxi and make certain it’s from the trustworthy company you have been suggested.

You shouldn’t be misinterpreted

It is sometimes essential to consider what signals you can give off and be sure they aren’t construed incorrectly. Try staying away from prolonged eye-to-eye contact with other people, chatting excessively and being ‘overly’ friendly. For instance, sitting right in front seat of the taxi and also over discussing using the driver on the long ago from the bar can provide the incorrect signals in certain foreign destinations. If you’re eating alone, possibly have a book so they won’t invite undesirable conversation.

This isn’t about a person’s actual intentions it’s not about whether a lady must have to curtail her normal daily practice of smiling, speaking freely and merely being happy. Regrettably in various cultures certain behaviors we define as ‘normal’ or ‘friendly’ are construed differently. Altering particular behavior is all about being gray and never drawing an excessive amount of undesirable attention. It’s not for all of us to go over the legal rights and wrongs of culture and practices in a few countries and regions, just to evolve and reduce risk to ourselves.

Follow your gut

The secret to staying away from danger would be to pre-empt situations and permit yourself time for you to react. This comes lower to practice and training, we strongly advocate gaining knowledge from professionals on how to identify risk and react accordingly, however a good guideline is: Follow your instinct. If something feels wrong, there’s a high probability it’s wrong. React immediately to make sure your safety and be worried about regardless of whether you were wrong or right later, as a 100% safe.

Pre-empt and visualize

We advise ladies to outlive situations they have to pre-empt dangers, allowing time for you to react and visualize their next actions to match a highly effective response. Exactly what do we mean with this? We’ll make use of a nightclub fire for example. In occasions of existence and dying, chivalry has been shown to fly the window nine out of ten occasions. Panic takes hold along with a stampede effect can happen. If women and men are panicking, hurrying towards the one primary exit that everybody had are available in from, then men will by majority overpower ladies and the inevitable crushing and trampling will occur. Let’s say because the solo female you’d taken two minutes to pre-empt a danger and visualized a highly effective response. Within this situation identified secondary fire exits and visualized with them in desperate situations. By pre-empting and visualizing a reaction within this situation from the nightclub fire, although everybody was stampeding for that primary doorways, one could have been able to employ a secondary exit and be sure survival through forethought and planning, not strength and speed.

Situational Awareness

Being conscious of a person’s surroundings is critical to recognize threats early. For this reason we educate fundamental anti-surveillance to any or all our students. Crooks and predators may stalk their prey for a short while just before a panic attack to supply the very best chance of when you should strike. With elevated observational skills and awareness, likelihood of recognizing a panic attack or threat are considerably increased and permit an individual time for you to react. This is helpful in staying away from pick-pockets, muggers, opportunistic crooks and lots of other dangers.

Hotel and Accommodation Security

Choose accommodations wisely by researching areas through travel forums, hotel websites, etc. May be the hotel or hostel well managed? May be the area safe to visit at night? Will the hotel or hostel have good security? It doesn’t mean remain in a five star hotel everywhere it may mean spending a couple of dollars more to stay in a trustworthy area but nonetheless inside a backpacker hostel. We are able to provide extra layers of safety to live in, for instance when you are traveling we advise transporting another door lock ($5 worth and sufficiently small to set up your wallet) supplying this secondary layer of security. Additionally never open your hotel or hostel door unless of course 100% certain, whether or not the claim is housekeeping.

Final Thought

Everything discussed above are just tips and methods from the trade. I’ve traveled extensively throughout my existence and am still learning new methods to change and handle situations. For this reason we’ve developed our travel safety courses. Professionals all walks of existence train constantly to make sure peak performance and to be ready. We feel it ought to be exactly the same for travelers. Seize control and result in your personal safety through prior preparation. Travel is among the great adventures existence provides it’s worth making the effort to organize accordingly to get rid of potential threats and be sure you possess an experience a person can have.

The writer may be the co-founding father of Explorer Travel Security. This can be a dynamic and elite travel security company focused on travel security and safety of people, groups and companies abroad. It’s a complete company offering tailored courses, executive protection, global save, elite travel cover and electronic tracking and security solutions.