Tips on washing and storing horse rugs

If you are an experienced horse owner, you might find a lot of carpets in your life. If you just start with a horse, the rug is one of the first things you need to invest. There are two types of main carpets, the carpet is stable when your horse is on the stable carpet and their turn-out is suitable for when your horse is outdoors. Whether you are looking for carpets for horse bangs or carpets for horses cut, you will definitely find something perfect for your four-legged friend.

Washing and Storing Horse Rugs

Horse carpets are very good in collecting dirt and dust after your horse has come out in the field all day, so it’s important so that we know how to keep them in the best condition. They can also be quite large, so we will give you some tips on how to clean and save it.

Hand washing your rug

If you don’t have a washing machine space available to clean your horse carpet, wash your hands as well. You can do this by filling out a large bucket with hot and non-biological water, non-detergent soap so you don’t irritate your horse’s skin or endanger the coating on the carpet. It is important to ensure that the bucket is large enough to soak the entire carpet. You can use the late broom to make the whole wet horse carpet. Soak the carpet for 30 minutes.

After you have finished immersion, spread the rug to a clean surface and give a stiff brush or broom. Use a straight line movement when you rub, and this will help remove water.

Machine washing your rug

If you choose to wash your carpet, you have to put your carpet on the fence and try to remove as much dirt and grass as possible outside and inside the carpet, take off all the ropes that can be removed and close all Velcro Vertencies will help when you do this.

To wash the machine, you have to buy a mesh wash bag that is large enough to cover the surface of the carpet. You have to wash your carpet on a smooth or cold setting because it minimizes the stretch. If your tapesture is not suitable, you must try commercial laundry.

Drying your rug

Drying your horse carpet is easy, just hang it on a fence or wash the line in the sun, ideally on a windy day.

Storing your rug

Now you have done a difficult part, it’s time to save your tapestry. Check your foot strap connected and not loose. Fold in the middle so the chest and tail lined up. Slip the abdominal strap into the fold and fold the side of the carpet’s neck into the middle. Finally, fold the side of the stomach into the middle. You must save your tapestry in a cool and dark place when you don’t need it, far from moisture and dust, moisture, and hot temperatures.