7 of the best crime junkie episodes that will give you goosebumps

Are you looking for the best crime junkie episodes? Over the past decade, podcasts have witnessed a steady increase in their popularity, especially because people are busier day after day. Nothing can be more relaxed than the audio story playing behind you when you do a rough job like cooking, cleaning, or even driving back home after a day at the office. Crime is one of the most popular genre podcasts that are increasingly popular among the audience, especially when it comes to podcasts with numb episodes such as the episode of Junkie crime.

The host Junkie Ashley Flowers crime has become very popular in the true crime community, and the number of fans continues to rise. The main reason behind his popularity is his very good storytelling ability and smooth sound that takes you to another world when you hear the best crime junkie episode.

First aired in 2017 by Host Ashley and Brit Prawat, Crime Junkie comes with a new episode every week on Monday. Podcast Show has increased to one of the best true crime podcasts and has covered many topics in its episodes, from serial killer stories, unresolved mysteries, unknown investigations, etc.

If you also want to be part of a loyal fan of the show, then don’t forget to check the list of the 7 best crime junkie episodes.

Find the best crime addicts with a list of the 10 best crime junkie episodes that will give you cold the body full.


This is one episode that was revealed in the flap and guided you to conclusions very slowly in the end.

In “MURDERED: THE POWELL FAMILY” Susan Powell’s character was lost at the beginning of December 2000, and Josh, her husband, became the main suspect for the police because of his confusing stories about the case and his careless attitude towards his wife’s sudden loss.

After digging thoroughly for the case of this Powell family, when the police were ready to declare Josh responsible for the loss of his wife, that’s when the tragedy attacked, making the jaw members open.

Listen to full podcasts from the episode of Junkie this crime to find out more about the Powell family tragedy.


Discover the best of crime junkie with this series of crimes in two parts, where the Ashley and Brits guests plunge deeply into the horrible murder of Laci Peterson and the baby in his belly.

The case is defined in 2002 when Laci Peterson disappeared, then his husband Scott was arrested and sentenced to death for assassinating his own wife. But this case considered open and closed by many is not as simple. Scott’s family has maintained their innocent sons throughout the case and the story is disinterring around the question: “Scott really responsible for the murder of his wife, from Laci.”

The in-depth analysis of this show by the hosts will make these episodes of the crime junkie you’re favourite.

The thorough analysis of this show by the host will make the crime junkie episode of this favourite crime.


The Long Island serial killer is an unresolved affair that is not resolved until today.

After the disappearance of the Shannan Gilbert escort, the police started looking into the case. They found several bodies on the south shore of Long Island, which makes the cops realize that they probably did not deal with a single murder case, and there were many more.

The episode has many stories about potential bodies killers in Long Island. Nevertheless, the theory that the place was used by two different serial killers as a dumping land is the most relevant.

Listen to this podcast to give an exciting experience to your boring life.


Reported as one of the most unforgettable episodes of many crime junkies; This one is a must to hear. In 2013, Bryce disappeared only two weeks after his return to the university, and his behaviour before being disappeared had been very strange he disappeared the day he had spent nearly 13 hours in his car and has Refused to explain the reason behind this strange behaviour.

Listen to the podcast to find out what went wrong with Bryan before had disappeared. Does anyone remove it? Was he living? Where did he go?


The episode begins with the discovery of KENDRICK’s 17-year-old corpse wrapped in a gym carpet at his school. Although his death is considered accidental by police officials, his family refuses to agree and consider him a murderer.

After a second investigation in January 2022 at the local level, there is no evidence that it would prove it as a case of murder.

Was it an accident, or does the police miss something? Find answers to all your questions by hearing one of the best episodes of Junkie criminals.

B.W.B.R.S.A.: Operation Fireball

The episode is all about an incident that happened when a young woman met a man and he invited her to dine in a neighbouring restaurant. After that, he texters he ran a little late and asked them if she could command them two shots of fire. What happens during this simple episode will make you feel very uncomfortable.

We will not give you any spoilers, so go ahead and listen-it yourself.

WANTED: Killer on the High Bridge

This concerns the murder of two teenagers near Indiana; Although it is an unresolved mystery, the recordings in one of the victim phones could bring the police to stop it.

Nobody knows who he is and why did he assassinate the two girls?

Listen to the episode and let us know what happened next.

Discover the best of Junkie crime by looking at these best. We hope you liked to read the article and that you are now ready to hear these stories of numbing spirit crimes. Let us know how you liked these episodes.