Five amazing wedding fashion trends: shine in marriage with simplicity and beauty

Dynamic fashion trends, and trends for marriage are no different; They come and go every year. Searching for perfect wedding clothes is now more than the appearance of Christmas, reflecting the importance of marriage looking for most people, whether they are guests or brides. Whether you will get married or go to the wedding, here is a list of wedding fashion trends to make you shine in a wedding.

1. Colored Wedding Dresses

Traditional white wedding dresses are now old school. Now the wedding dress with many colors is in a trend. Celebrities like Jessica Bel and Dita Von Tesse won colorful wedding dresses. So shine at the wedding with colorful wedding dresses and linglung guests with a great view.

wedding fashion trend

2. Dresses Having Pockets

Calls the modern era for fashionable clothes, and the trend of clothing with bags has grown continuously in recent years. Dresses with a bag gives you something to do with your hands while posing and making you a place to hide your lipstick and phone.

3. Sneakers 

The heel is quite painful, so wearing it for a longer time can be difficult. So at this time, the bride chose to wear white shoes with their wedding dresses. This trend is getting hotter, and brands like Converse even accept orders for making customized wedding coaches.

4. Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings, both small or large, are one of the biggest trends of jewelry. You can choose a small tiny small pair or a pair of larger pearl earrings to add to the elegance with your wedding view.

5. Vegan Look

The most commonly used silk in making wedding dresses, but this is not good for vegan brides. Vegan fashion trends increase, and many women now choose dresses developed with eco-friendly cloth like linen or tinkling, which looks as beautiful as silk.