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Unmatched tips to allow you to choose the right hair extension

If you are like most women, you want your hair to belong. Grow your hair, on the other hand, may take years. Unfortunately, there is a fast and direct solution to get the hair you always want: hair extensions!

Today’s market offers a variety of hair extensions. So, how can you determine which extension is best suited for your needs?

Choosing the most subtle hair extensions influenced by your needs and lifestyle, including whether you want to use it regularly or not, and your financial situation and personal style.

Before deciding the hair extension used, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Appearing is some suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate hair extensions for you:

hair extension

Take into consideration your financial situation.

Hair extensions are not free; They have monetary fees. Choosing a clip-in may be the most extraordinary choice if you work with a limited budget. Try to get additional funds but not by playing online casino games on sites like Casino Netbet, because winning is not guaranteed. Take a survey online or start sitting pets, do the assignment for people.

When it comes to hair extensions, tape-in ​​extensions appear the most natural and last the longest if you can spend a little more money.

Consider how much time you have.

Clip-in extensions may be the best alternative for you if you lack time and don’t want to spend money to visit the salon for the application process. In the long run, it will save your hair and budget!

Hair extensions may be rather expensive, especially when they are done in professional salons.

You should take into consideration the length and weight of your natural hair.

Preparing to get a hair extension requires considering the length and weight of your natural hair. This will help you in determining the type and weight of the extension that will most benefit you to use.

If you have fine hair, preferably to use lower weight than heavier weight when arranging your hair.

Take into consideration the color of your hair.

You want your hair extensions to look like possible with your natural hair. If you have blonde hair, it’s better to go with blonde extensions; If you have brown hair, use the brunette extension; And if you have red hair, go with a complementary hue.

Look at how long you want them to last.

Hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths, from short to length. For those who want quick repairs and don’t intend to store it for a long time, the clip-in extension may be the best choice for you. You might see a needlework or tape-in ​​hair extension to get a more permanent solution.

Take Your Hair Stylist’s Suggestions into Consideration

Advice from your hairdresser must be considered when choosing an extension that suits you. They have extensive training in dealing with various types of extensions and are familiar with what is most suitable for people who have similar demands like you.

Bottom Line

Finally, but no less important, while choosing an ideal hair extension for you, consider your personality type. Do you like changing your appearance regularly? If this is the problem, the clip-in is an alternative that suits you.

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How to avoid damaging your hairs with a hair straightener

Hair straightener are a great tool to help manage thick hair, but a recurring hot style like using iron curling or straightening can damage your hair.

This article will tell you how to get your hair directly through hot style, without damaging or burning your hair.

10 Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Hair With A Flat Iron

hair straightener

1. Buy Quality Hair Straightening Tools

The best hair straightener is not necessarily the most expensive. Although cheaper options can cause hair damage, affordable options are equipped with several standard features to watch out for.

The best heat arrangement tool will allow you to straighten your hair at the optimal styling temperature of 185 ° C to protect your hair.

Flat iron is better quality, such as GHD hair tools, evenly distributing heat crossing the plate, which will make you with healthy hair.

2. Consider Your Hair Type

Understanding how your hair texture responds to heat it will help keep your hair healthy.

It will also help you to apply the correct temperature when using your straightener (or curling iron), as natural hair, chemical processed hair, and all your hair thickness will affect how it responds to different temperatures.

3. Use Heat Protectant Spray

There are several types of products on the market that minimizes hot style damage.

Strong thermal protective products or spray when you explode and straighten your hair will prevent heat damage and leave your hair look shiny, without tangled hair.

These products can also repair your hair from previous heat damage and reduce the appearance of drought and damage.

4. Try to Reduce the Heat on Thick or Coarse Hair

You might be tempted to turn the temperature up when using a hot styling tool. But using a temperature that is too high will strip the natural moisture of your hair, making it look boring and fragile.

Experiments with lower temperatures on thicker hair to get the display you want. If you have thin hair, then definitely use a low temperature to prevent damage.

5. Avoid Repeatedly Applying Heat

Running your hair straightener repeatedly in the same hair part will definitely cause damage and damage. Instead, use a hair brush to stretch your hair part, and then run the flat iron in the middle.

6. Use Hair Treatment Products

You can avoid long-term damage from recurring heat styling by treating your hair with moisturizing products at least once a month.

Treatment will restore moisture and shine on your hair, and will also prevent future damage when using a hot tool.

7. Skip the Hairdryer if You are Going to Straighten Your Hair

Rather choose to dry your hair if you know you will use the straightener later. Using a hair dryer and straightener in short succession can produce damaged hair.

If you take a shower at night and don’t want to go to bed with wet hair, wrap your hair with a towel and sleep.

This will allow you to get up and immediately straighten your hair without having to dry it first. Your hair will also have more moisture in it, making it possible to straighten it easier.

8. Only Straighten Dry Hair

The fastest way of flat iron will damage your hair is if you apply it to wet or moist hair.

The heat of flat iron will cause steam damage – as if you boil your hair. This will cause the tip and split damage.

9. Use Ceramic or Tourmaline Plates

Glass and metal straighteners are more affordable, but can quickly burn your hair because of the uneven heat distribution.

Ceramic plate utilizes infrared rays that do not damage your hair, while tourmaline plates use negative ions that react to positive ions in your hair, simplify the alignment process without damaging your hair.

10. Use The Right Hair Brush When You Straighten

The best is to use a hair brush along with your flat iron, to stride strands and allow it to straighten it easier.

Just like hair straighteners, not all hairbrush is the same, and some can pull your hair and break the strands.

Professional round brush with softer fur is the best brush to use when straightening, because it doesn’t tear the strands and doesn’t cause further damage to your hair.

Final Thoughts

Straightening your hair will allow you to arrange hair in any way, but it’s important for you to prevent heat damage.

The ten tips above will help protect your hair from heat, but still allow you to enjoy a straight and smooth key.