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Each thing about german shepherd husky mix

Shepsky, a German Shepherd’s Husky blend, is a faithful, medium and super energy dog. Shepsky is also known as Gerberian Shepsky, and you can even find them in dog shelters like races saved. Always adopt, do not shop.

The adorable puppies are faithful and affectionate and also become work dogs. Their high intelligence and their alert nature make good guard dogs, research missions, military operations and even police work.

A German Shepherd’s Husky mix can not live in an apartment. They need a big house with big shipyards and should have rigorous duties. Suppose under-stimulated Shepsky can become objectable and destructive. To keep them happy, keep them always working.

Below we have listed their characteristics and qualities to help you understand if they are the good dog for you.


Shepskies have long and dense coats and are not suitable for allergic people when they have paid a lot. A German Shepherd Husky blend can not live in small apartments or alone in a house for long periods.

These dogs have descendants from cold regions so they can easily tolerate frigid weather. A Shepsky is a mix of cop and babysitter. They can be protective and soft with family children.


Shepsky has been an existing dog breed for many years; However, designer breeders started intentionally mixing Siberian Husky and German Shepherd in the late 90s.

The breeders mixed two parents’ breeds to make a super hybrid working dog. Although Shepsky was a breed of designer initially, some of them ended up with shelters and rescue care groups.

If you think this breed is right for you, consider adopting. You can check local shelters and search Shepsky Shanpsky.

german shepherd


Shepsky is a relatively new bride and there are some standards when you talk about dog size. You can expect this German Shepherd Husky to be of medium to large size.

They can weigh about 45 to 88 pounds and represent a height of 20 to 25 inches on average.


Shepsky owners describe their dog as a playful and active breed. They are full of energy and hail workers working, which is why they are happy if a job is given.

These German Shepherd Husky mixtures are pack dogs and need a package manager to guide them. They will try to test the limits and become leaders; However, you should not give in and tell you as a leader.

A better way to establish a leadership role is to make your dog eat long. Shepsky sees you as a guardian of good things like treats, toys, food and other dog assets.

They do not like to be alone for a long time. They need camaraderie as well as the exercise and opportunity to use their intelligence, otherwise, they are bored and frustrated.

Shepskies, if sub-exercised or ignored by the family, use their pissing energy by chewing objects or screaming. Like other dogs, they like socialization and exposure to different objects, sounds and people at a young age.

Socializing a puppy will guarantee that the puppy pushes into a well-rounded dog.


Shepsky is predisposed to similar conditions like a Siberian and German Shepherd Husky. Although most dogs are generally healthy, some can be subject to health problems, so maintaining good health care and regular reviews with the veterinarian are essential.


Like all dogs, follow regular veterinary controls to detect any health problems at an early stage. Your veterinarian will help develop a care routine to keep your Shepsky in good health.

German Shepherd’s Husky blends are subject to weight gain as they have high energy levels. You should start by giving them at least one hour of exercise every day. More them in large spaces like dog parks. Check their ears for pests or debris every day and clean them as recommended by the veterinarian.

Cut the nails of a dog before becoming too long – once a month. Wear special attention to the oral health of your Shepsky. Brushing your teeth every day because they are subject to dental problems.


The matrices of a Shepsky should be rich in energy and meet its exercise needs. You can consult a professional nutritionist or veterinarian for advice on what you need to feed your dog and its correct part.

The dietary needs of a dog change as they get older. You should stay updated with their nutrition requirements and take special care with the exercise and feeding of the Shepsky puppy.

As it is a blend of German Shepherd, they quickly become between 4 and seven months, which make them subject to bone diseases. To avoid this, focus on high quality and low-calorie diet.

Do not let your Shepsky jump, run or play on a hard surface like rock roadway for up to two years until the joints are completely formed. Puppies can play on the grass and height jumps of an inch are fine.

Overeating will result in weight gain, joint problems and other health conditions. Limit their treats and keep them active every day.

Coat Colour And Grooming

Shepsky has coats that are a mix of Siberian and German Shepherd parents. They are mostly available in black, brown, cream, red, white, and blue. You will rarely find a solid coat which is usually a mix of two or more colours.

They have dense and long coats; therefore people with allergies should not get them. As they shed a lot, you will require a RoboVac. The pups need a good brushing every week.

Bathe them only when needed as too much can strip their coat of natural oil. Brushing the fur also helps in even spread of oil throughout the coat. If you live in a cold climate your Shepsky will be quite happy.

Children And Other Pets

If your German Shepherd’s Husky mix is ​​well trained and is exposed to kids at a young age, they will be excellent around the children. Shepsky is a mix of cop and babysitter and can be protective and soft with family children.

Teach your children how to approach the dog and supervise all interactions to prevent tail traction or ear bite. Teach children not to disturb the dog when you eat it or teases it with food. As Shepsky is a dog pack, they should be socialized at a young age.

Final words:

Finding a breed-specific rescue for German Shepherd’s Husky mix is ​​not easy. However, you can always contact rescue organizations to adopt a Shepsky instead of buying one of a breeder.

We hope this article from Shepsky will help you determine if they will do the right pet for your household or not.