Smart cartoon characters that must be watched

Throughout the history of cartoons, there are some amazing and smart cartoon characters. Both children and adults enjoy the strange antics of this intelligent protagonist and invention that display unexpected elements that need to be handled by our heroes.

In this post, we have registered several smart animated cartoon characters throughout television history.

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Jimmy Neutron

Cartoon: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Like Dexter, Jimmy Neutron is a genius boy who builds his own complete laboratory. He was not closed his work and liked to maintain a healthy social life, and even had a crush girl, Cindy.

Jimmy has a long list of extraordinary discoveries, including anti-aging tonics, Goddard mechanical dogs, and time machines.


Cartoon: Dexter’s Laboratory

Even though being a young man, Dexter somehow manages finances to build his secret lab at home. This is where all the genial fuel and strong creations occur. Some of his inventions include portal dimensions, giant robotic mechanisms, and nightmare prevention dream machines.

Dexter is a long lung genius but sometimes ignores the general shortcomings of the problem. He has interfered with Dee Dee’s sister which is the reason for many accidents in the discovery.

Rick Sanchez

Cartoon: Rick and Morty

One smart cartoon character is Rick Sanchez. This cartoon is best for adults because of the Zany Humor feature, a sci-fi adventure, and gets into a dark aspect of life.

Rick was inspired by Doc Brown from behind to future films. Even though it has a nihilistic view, Rick is very compassionate about his family and has created some amazing things like unbeatable combat suits, cloning facilities, compact dimensions to cross portal weapons.


Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series

Batman is one of the most loved smart cartoon characters of everyone. He boasted an extraordinary body and extraordinary mind with a wealth of high-tech gadgets, which forced him to be respected as a member of the Justice League.

Batman has made appearances in many cartoons with changed designs; However, one constant thing is the mind of his genius and his detective skills. Batman has appeared in many cartoons.

Stewie Griffin

Cartoon: Family Guy

Unlike other smart family-friendly cartoon characters, Stewie Griffin from Family Guy is not too friendly but very good for adults who like unique bland humour.

Stewie is a baby armed with extraordinary discoveries such as time machines, laser weapons, teleportation devices. He held a serious grudge against his mother when he made him stuck in the uterus.


Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Donatello is one of the turtles of ninja with a purple headband and one of the essential squad members. While other Ninja turtles are skilled fighters, Donatello is a scientific brain that focuses on gadgets, creating new machines and updating allies.

What makes it smarter than other characters is that he does not attend regular school but still gets the smartest mind.

Phineas and Ferb

Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb

The most loved Preteens, Phineas & Ferb, have extraordinary creativity at the age of being so young, building beautiful things like giant robot tree houses, time machines, and more. They are also very skilled musicians with pleasant attitudes.

They have Parmal Petipus who hides their identity and works as a secret agent.

Mr. Peabody

Cartoon: Peabody’s Improbable History

Mr. Peabody first appeared in the history of Peabody which is not possible, which is a tight mentor for young Sherman.

Mr.Peabody is the smartest cartoon character of all on this earth and gets bonus points to accompany dogs. He is not only great in science but also builds time machines and shows many talents such as art, music, athletic skills, and more.

Susan and Mary Test

Cartoon: Johnny Test

Susan and Mary have extraordinary technical skills even though they are thirteen years old and use younger siblings as laboratory rats. Some of their inventions are quite large including cloning facilities, time machines, and VB mind control devices. Even so smart, they can’t win their handsome neighbour’s attention named Gil.

The Brain

Cartoon: Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the brain both speak mice. The brain only has one desire to conquer the world. He thought he would maintain the best humanitarian interests in front and do better work than political leaders.

However, the brain scheme always fails because of disruption by a little. Either way, he is always consistent and shows extraordinary discoveries ranging from mind control devices to high-tech robots to achieve their goals.

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