What is the Lecrae Net Worth?

Lecrae is an American hip-hop artist and rapper with the immunity of a $ 2 million net defeat. He was born on October 9, 1979, in Houston, Texas. Lecrae is a colleague, president, and one of the founders of the independent recording label “Reach Record”.

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Is Lecrae still married to his wife?

Lecrae lived in Atlanta and moved from Memphis in 2009. He married Darragh Moore, and they had three children.

Who left the Reach records?

KB left the range record after being together for almost a decade. He released four past projects with Reach Records and made a farewell announcement on Instagram.

What is the Lecrae Net Worth


What is Dababys net worth?

Dababy has an amazing clean wealth of $ 5 million.

What is NFS’s net worth?

NF has a net worth of $ 6 million. He is a singer, rapper, and American songwriter who was born in Gladwin, Michigan 1991.

What is 1K Phew’s real name?

Isaac Gordon is now famous as 1k Phy.

Why did DC Talk break up?

In 2000, DC announced a break with a group to pursue their solo career. Then they released the Solo Edition EP with two new songs by each member.

Did Toby Mac lose a child?

In October, the son of Tobymac McKeehan died with an accidental amphetamine and fentanyl overdose. He was only 21 years old.

Is Trip Lee still making music?

Unfortunately, Lee’s trip did not do any concert.

What is Cardi B’s net worth in 2020?

Cardi B is an American rapper born in Belcalis Almanzar with a net worth of $ 24 million.

Is Whatuprg still with Reach Records?

Even though indie tribes are not music labels, RG is associated with Reach Records.

Did Lecrae leave Columbia Records?

Lecrae left Columbia noted a few months ago after only two projects.

What disease does Lauren Daigle have?

When Lauren was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus, a lack of immunity.

Does Lauren Daigle sound like Adele?

You say by Lauren Daigle sounded almost identical to Adele and was driven by cold.

Did Lauren Daigle go on American Idol?

Lauren Daigle is the winner twice for the Grammy Award. He was one of the top 24 contestants at the 2010 American Idol. Then he managed to get to Hollywood Round in 2012 but never went to the big stage.

Is DaBaby a billionaire?

Dababy has a net worth of $ 4 million. Most of his wealth was obtained from album sales.

How much does Lil Baby make?

Lil Baby was originally born as Dominique Jones in Georgia. He was raised by a single mother and dropped out of school in 9th grade. In 2017 he was released from prison for dealing with drugs and began to knock full time. Since then, he has produced a net value of $ 5 million.

Who is Post Malone’s net worth?

Post Malone has a net worth of $ 45 million. He produced $ 60 million through various efforts, making it the highest-paid rapper throughout the world. Post Malone utilizes most of the money by touring.

Who is the richest female rapper?

Rihanna is the richest female rapper with a net value of $ 1.7 billion.

Who is Bridgette Feuerstein?

Bridgette Doremus married NF, an American rapper. He was born in Seattle on July 25, 1990.

Who is Lauren Daigle engaged to?

Chris Tomlin and Lauren Buy have been married to three daughters.

What is DC Talk worth?

Kevin Max is a songwriter, singer, and American poet with a clean value of $ 6 million. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1967. Kevin is a popular member of DC talks.