How to use lipsticks for beginners

How to use lipsticks like a professional

Lipsticks are one of the most popular and dear makeup items among girls of all ages. You can not do women without at least one lipstick on their makeup kit. When you are becoming late to work or just going shopping, just apply lipstick and you are ready to leave. Just as the saying goes “give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” But applying the lipsticks in the right way is very important to look good.

As we say that makeup is an art, anyone can dominate with just a little practice. If you are fighting against using lipstick and want to learn the correct way to apply the lip lining, this item is for you. This article covers two main points: Basic rules on how to apply lipstick for beginners and how to apply lipsticks to thin lips.

Try these basic rules of lipsticks and hacks:


Things you need:

  • Lip balm
  • concealer
  • Lip liner
  • lipstick

Basic steps on how to use lipstick for beginners

  • Prep the lips – This is an important step before starting anything. Preparation is the key to be for facial makeup or with lipstick. Applying the lipstick on cracked and dry lips. Exfeque lips with a wet towel or apply vaseline in a toothbrush and rub gently in a circular movement. Apply lip balm generously. Calm dry and cracked lips with Lucas Cosmetic moisturizing lip butter. This daily lip treatment is made with nutrient-rich ingredients, such as honey, aloe vera and Vitamins E to help increase your complexion and soften the appearance of thin lines and wrinkles. Its nutrient and the ultra-moisturizing formula will let your lips feel radiant and oh so soft, as well as butter.
  • Apply lip liner – Lip liners help define natural lip shape. Lip liners also help prevent lipstick from bleeding and becoming messy. Track liners on the natural curve of the lips and perfect the shape. Make Cupid bent more visible and prominent by creating “X”. The outline must be perfect and fresh. You must always use naked colours to apply lip liners or colours that match the lipstick.
  • Time to apply the lipstick – After completing all the steps mentioned above, remove your favourite lipstick. You must apply lipstick evenly on the lips, including the inside angle. Coat your entire lips. If you find it difficult to apply the lipstick directly, you can use the lip brush to fill in the line. If you use liquid lipstick, make sure to use the lip balm below it.
  • You can high your lipstick with a shine to give a plump and soft look.
  • Use Concealer to fix the shape.

Basic steps on how to apply lipstick to thin lips

Big and full lips are a dream of every girl but not every girl is blessed with fuller lips. If you are someone with very thin lips then we have the right lipstick rules for you to reach more complete lips just by applying lipstick in the right way.

Prep & Prime – The first step and most important is to prepare and start the lips before starting with a lip liner or lipstick. Peel the lips using natural lemon, sugar and honey scrub and then apply lip balm to moisturize. You can also use primary lips for extra longevity. You can also use a lip plumper to improve and move the lips.

Use the liner – Use lip liners to form lips. If you are a pro in applying a liner, you can also cross a little line to make the illusion of larger lips. Always make sure to use the same shade as the lipstick.

Highlighting – Apply lipstick evenly on the lips. Highlight your lips using darker tones than the same lip colour to make dimensions on the lips. Apply lip gloss in the middle of the lips. This will create the illusion of plump and round lips. Girls with small lips must avoid using lipstick with darker nuances. Dark colours will make the lips look smaller.

Beauty Makeup

How to apply blush to achieve various types of appearance

Blush is one of the top 2020 makeup trends. Blush is an important classic makeup. You can reach the shining sun-kissing goddess, fresh winter light, and the cheeks flush using blushy correctly. Blush adds important elements to bring all joint makeup. Blush takes your makeup game one step if used correctly. Here are all Dos and should not be done on how to apply blush correctly. Follow these blush tips and avoid blushing accidents and reaching Goddess sun looks now.

Choosing the right blush shade for your skin tone

Just as shade the right foundation to match your skin tone, just as important to find the shade of the right blush for your skin colour. If the colour is too light, it will wash your face, and if it’s too bright, it will look rude. The shade of the wrong blush will damage the appearance of the full makeup. The right shade blush is what looks natural and feels like you are red.

  • Fair skin for fair women’s skin and pink works very well for blush.
  • Medium skin tones – stick to the peach tone. Peach tones provide a very healing effect on medium skin
  • Olive-gold skin tones – go for bright pink and coral.
  • Strong rich skin tones – bright coral, hot pink, and deep berry nuances look very beautiful.


Choosing the Right Blush Formula

There are so many variants of formula blush available on the market such as powder and blush on shimmer, blush on, stick, and colour. Blush powder works well on the face full of makeup with the basis of the foundation to provide matte final results. If you want a natural and luminous end result, use blush on cream. You can also use colours to get that light from the display. Mix the colour correctly for a smooth final result. Stay away from the very chubby cheeks because they look strange on the face. If you want a highlighter to shine in your blush on, then you can use blush on the bed with a very small lustre.

Pro-tip- to make your blush last longer, use cream blush first and then top with blush powder. In this way, pigments will last longer and pop colours throughout the day.

How to apply powder blush

When you want to apply the powder blush, use a round or medium-sized brush to reach the blush application without defects. Don’t choose a brush that is too dense. You will finally choose too many products, and it will look not slip.

How to Apply Blush To get the natural glow

To see the cheeks of natural flushing, apply blush on the cheeks and mingle in the movement to rotate out.

Jlo Scott Warni Makeup Artist suggests, “Apply blush on the side, or stretch it really like that kind of blush on contours, will make you look older or outdated. The only time you want to put a blush on the side is if you Take a photoshoot or shoot for a specific reason. Blush really screamed youth, and that’s the truth of the gospel makeup. ”

How to Apply blush Correctly to get the sun-kissed look

Blush will be your BFFL if you look forward to achieving a bask view. Apply a very minimal, smallest blush amount possible at the dots where the sun will be about directly. Apply blush on apple cheeks, nose, and middle of your forehead. You can also apply the bronzer first and then apply the blush on.

How to apply blush for a sculpted warm look

To reach the warm sculpted look, start by applying the blush on apple cheeks. Take the contour brush and apply a few products under the cheekbones and forehead. The method will balance the grey contour. Use the remaining products on the brush. Don’t choose more products for contours after applying blush.

Enter this blush tip in your makeup routine and get a face without defects, looking fresh. You girl shine!


6 of the best rainbow highlighters

You might find beautiful Rainbow highlighters images from various brands of makeup on all social media. People fainted at the election of this Rainbow today. This makeup trend is a big hit among makeup lovers who like to experiment with pleasant makeup appearances. Highlighters are great for pleasant makeup appearances and weekends. We have included the best drug store and Luxe Rainbow Highlighters to get Unicorn Glow.

Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter- It’s Wet N Wild Highlighter One of the Best Drug Stickers Stickers. It has the nuances of highlighter in yellow, pink, pale blue, orange, pale green, and lavender. You will get a beautiful greenish green colour when twirling all the colours together. This highlighter will provide metal final results. If you want to make a fun makeup appearance and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this pharmacy rainbow must be tried. Get a shine Unicorn without putting a hole in your pocket.

best rainbow highlighter


  • Providing a beautiful metallic finish
  • Very well fused
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to use
  • A highlighter that is very saturated.
  • Free cruelty


  • There are no cons. This is a beautiful highlighter.

Too Faced Diamond Highlighter – This prismatic highlighter that was too faced was implanted with a real diamond powder which was destroyed, and for extra luxury lustre, pearls that reflect light was used. The formula is poured by hand to ensure that each highlighter looks different, like real diamonds. Swirl Blue, Gold, and Pink Shades together to get your custom highlighter nuances. You can use this rainbow highlighter on the face or anywhere on the body for pure and radiant light.


  • Long-wearing highlighter
  • Very pigmented
  • Buildable
  • Very versatile highlighter
  • Suitable for every skin tone
  • Give beautiful and glowing light


  • A little expensive

Chaos Makeup Kaleidoscope Rainbow Highlighter – This is one of the best rainbow highlights. The chaos of this kaleidoscope chaos is like magic in a skillet. The formula is handmade and infused with leaves and coconut. This rainbow highlighter texture is very beautiful and daydreaming. This highlighter is not at all lime and has a good pigment. You can intensify coverage by building it. Customization and make fun makeup appearance.


  • The packaging is very beautiful
  • Made using 100% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for every skin tone
  • Glow colourful luminous for full coverage
  • Great value for money


  • None

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter – This highlighter of makeup revolution is a large makeup palette. This giant pan has many bright colours ranging from purple, blue, green, yellow and pink. You can use this rainbow highlighter powder in many ways. The size of this highlighter pan makes it easy to use individual colours, and by mixing them together. The Stabilo colours are perfect for summer and spring to stand out in the crowd. Note Stabilo Makeup Revolution This is one of the best rainbow highlights in this range.


  • Long-wearing highlighter
  • Great Value for Money
  • Blends really well
  • Very versatile highlighter
  • Beautiful and soft texture


  • There is no counter at all. Fall in love with this beautiful rainbow highlighter.

Bitter Lace Beauty Prism The Original Rainbow Highlighter – Bitter Lace Beauty is a brand Makeup & Beauty Indie. This brand became famous for the design of a unique makeup product and a beautiful design. The colour is in the spectrum of six beautiful highlighter nuances. You can get fine light, and full-on unicorn glam look perfectly using this rainbow highlighter.


  • Cruelty-free makeup products
  • Long-wearing highlighter
  • It will suit every skin tone
  • Buildable


  • This rainbow highlighter is not easily available.

Heart Revolution Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter – This affordable pharmacy nightighter is perfect for you if you want a color punch. Highlighter colors can be used to get fine light when used every day. You can interfere with the brush through each color in the pan to get a blue metallic finishing, green highlighters. This highlighter will provide a beautiful metallic final without chunky glitter.


  • Will suit every skin tone
  • Does not have chunky glitters
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Very versatile highlighter
  • Blends well


  • No cons at all.