Which Hollywood star is the best dressed in Oscar 2020 red carpet?

Academy Awards better known as Oscar is one of the most popular and anticipated annual events in Hollywood. The version 2020 of this prestigious event was recently concluded and there were many interesting moments as usual. Apart from all the stars who took the Gold Cup, there were many hearts who won on the red carpet event before the event began. The whole fashion nova community makes their eyes tucked into their favourite stars and more are the best-dressed stars.

Today let’s look at the best Hollywood star on the red carpet. There are several stars that caught our attention.

1. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is an 18-year-old breakout star and she has marked the main headline for its unmatched reality and the style that is not orthodox. The feeling of his fashion is similar to his musical talent. I. Not sorry and unique. At Oscar 2020, the breakout star wore an ivory channel jacket illuminated by shiny monogram brooch channels and rock-bold accessories. Tonight is no different. She also commented on her extraordinary fashion feelings, she stated that she was wearing loose clothes to avoid people who judge what was underneath.

2. Janelle Monae


The singer “I like” attracted a lot of praise by appearing in a sparkling and sexy Ralph Lauren dress complete with open back, full arm, hem length of the floor, and attached hood. Well, it is clear that this appearance is not easy to obtain, such as WWD Moore editor booth, the dress has been built using 168,000 Swarovski crystals. Talking about make-up, She wore a glittering black cat, pouring cheeks, and matte red lipstick to praise the appearance of dropping his jaw.

3. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is not a beginner to Oscar and glamorous she represents. She appeared red carpet wearing Chanel’s Oscar de la Renta. The dress is a strapless strapless vintage black navy dress. For accessories, She chose a penitent gem. She was nominated for the role of the best-supporting actress for the bomb and the film ‘once in Hollywood’ was nominated for the best image.

4. Natalie Portman

Apart from the whole backlash about her dress, especially by American actress Rose McGowan, we stand up with the fact that she seemed really alluring in Cape Embroidery Grazia Chiuri with the names of the director of women who were ignored by the academy she was wearing. Her actions are part of her long stand for feminist actions.

5. Caitriona Balfe

Caitriona Balfe came to her first Oscar’s appearance who had prepared a pink and black dress by Valentino which included a mermaid self and a thin pink overlay that connects her neck. While on the runway, the appearance was accessed with bright red gloves, Balfe, paired underwear with pearl earrings statement, slim hairstyle, and strong red lipstick.

6. Gal Gadot

The Israeli actress looked amazing on the red carpet Academy Awards 2020. She came out along with “Wonder Woman” Co-Star Christian Wigg. She wore a thin black and pink shirt bright with Givenchy. She was dressed in how A-lister had to dress.

7. Hildur Guðnadóttir

She is an Icelandic musician and composer; She swept the award for the best background score for her job in the film ‘Joker’. She appeared on a red carpet with her husband wearing a black satin ribbon and channel crystal dress embroidered to receive the award.

8. Regina king

The dress was provided by Versace and featured a pink body dress and running train. The dress and jewellery are very interesting and sparkling. She also wore, waiting, half a million jewellery (rings and bracelets) to praise his appearance at Oscar.

9. Kristena Wigg

The star “Bridesmaids” came on the red carpet in a red dress coupled with side ruffles, pairing it with black gloves. This is one of the most unique and not orthodox see Oscar this time. Some Twitter users quickly showed the similarity of the dress with a piece of lasagna.

10. Beanie Feldstein

‘Bookmart’ and ‘Lady Bird’ stepped on Oscar 2020 red carpet wearing a sparkling black and white dress by Miu Miu.

There are many Hollywood stars who go to see which might not be interesting like this Hollywood star but definitely worth mentioning, they, Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson among many others.

Natalie Portman might really grinned when She saw this list because of all the best dresses worn by Hollywood women. Sijudara, who do you think is best dressed by Oscar 2020? Who should win an Oscar for their dress alone? Tell us in the comments section below.


Best sneakers with stars and glittering design for shoe collectors

When you go out in your street outfit, you want to scroll through your sneakers collection and choose the best match for your outfit, right? Well, if you have a collection of sneakers, you could be a showerhead, especially if you do it for a hobby.

Some like to be called shoe collectors and, especially when it comes to sneakers, they tend to be very passionate about it! If you consider yourself a sneaker collector, you have a Friend Sneakerhead, this article highlights some of the best stars sneakers and glitter designs that you can recommend.

sneakers with stars and glittering design for shoe

Why Do People Collect Sneakers?

Before reaching the main juice, it is payable to decipher the reasons for the passion for the collection of sneakers. To start, sneakers are too popular these days, what you may know if you like or have heard of Streetwear fashion.

Not only do they look cool and elegant, but they also have a rich history and a culture behind them. Especially Golden Goose, scintillating and sneakers with stars winning more and more popularity and seem to be among the latest sneakers these days. In addition, women’s options are also available in a wide variety of options and sneakers are not just a virile thing.

Some people even consider them as an investment because they collect them and resell them. A sneakerhead is essentially a person who admires, collects or exchanges passionate sneakers. If it sounds something like you, the list below covers some options that you can find cool and useful for your wardrobe.

Some Great Star and Glitter Design Sneakers

When shopping for trend sneakers, you will obviously have many options to choose from, which can be confusing. You may not know also to add to your next sneaker collection if you are a collection with hundreds of sneakers. If scintillating / engraved sneakers amuse you, here are some excellent options to consider.

Steven NY Rubie Star Sneakers

With a shiny silver star on the side and a golden stripe along the lace eyelet area, here are some of the best tops you can collect. White (and black) platform sneakers are elegant prepreg for this high look.

They have a rubber sole, a leather body, a fabric lining and veal hair as primary materials. Alternative color options are also available, including the one with Gold Glitter and a pink back as well as interesting impressions such as Zebra and Leopard.

Super-Star Women’s Golden Goose Sneaker

They define it as their signature, their emblematic marker, and there are compelling reasons to believe it. These dupes come in white, with a silver straw that gives a glamorous touch next to a cool look. There is also a white and black, white and pink version, and much more.

Nature Breeze Gold Star Women’s Platform Sneakers

For ladies, you have one more, cool sneaker here to add to your collection. With a white platform sole, these dupes come warmly with golden laces for this trendy appearance. Outside rose gold, they are also available in white or black with a white sole and a silver star.

Steve Madden Starling Sneaker

Often in pink and white, these are perfect for a relaxed look. The Steve Madden Starling Sneaker looks like sneakers from the Golden Goose collection, only that scratch marks are fewer. Alternatives include Steve Madden Rezza sneakers, mainly designed for women. It comes with a higher leather suede material and a quality rubber sole for the greatest comfort.

Shearling-Lined Distressed Mid Star Sneakers

Thanks to the comfort they provide, these highs have been mentioned by Forbes as among the most fashionable sneakers to start the year. The sheepskin lining is large which provides hairstyle in cold weather. They also come in neutral colours, which makes them easy to eder with different outfits.

And There you go. Whether you are a collector of eager sneakers or you have just started, you will have a good chance that you have one or two options to consider adding to your list of list above!


These accessories will be incredible with the right cami top

When summer heat strikes, there is nothing more good than having comfortable clothes to wear. People throw their thick wool coats and release bright clothes that will make you stand out in the crowd.

An outfit that is a must-have for most women is a camisole. They come in different styles, shapes and colours depending on your outfit. If you are looking for accessories, you can use to associate with your favourite high cami, here are some that you should consider buying.

accessories women


Necklaces are jewels needed for any outfit. Whether formal or casual, you can be sure that it adds personality and uniqueness to what you wear. A necklace is a superb choice for a superior camisole or any other tank that you have in your wardrobe.

The good thing about these summits is that you do not have to worry about whether it is big or small. All sizes make a statement for your camisole. In addition, the addition of a necklace to your summit makes it modern. When you choose the right collar, however, consider the opportunity.

A scarf

Whether winter or summer, you can never go wrong with scarves. They are a perfect accessory for any outfit, which includes your camisole. You add a colour pop to your top with a scarf, especially if it’s clear. You also protect your skin from a lot of sun exposure.

The good thing about scarves is that you have many ways to wear them. You can bend it like a collar, tie it with a simple knot or wrap it around your neck. Just make sure that the scarf you select is lightweight (preferably in silk or spandex) and must match your outfit.

Clutch bag

Wearing heavy bags on a sunny day is probably the last thing you want to experiment with. In addition to the heat, it can be tiring and often make your day boring. Therefore, having a summer clutch bag to match your top is something you should consider.

Well, in this case, no rule is written on which option is the best for you. Simply make it easy, colour and comfortable to transport the things you need for your date or visit on the beach.

Accessories to wear under your camisole

Bottom line

When you choose the best accessories for your summit, it is always important to consider the colour. If he does not match what you wear, your idea may fail. In addition, consider the opportunity when selecting the accessory.


Pieces of iconic jewelry that will always be in style

Jewelry accentuates your appearance and helps you raise your style and attire quickly. They are essential accessories that each person should have to show the style of it. Some people may prefer to use costume jewelry and can take off without effort, but nothing surpasses the use and style with timely jewelry pieces. While some jewelry can cost a fortune, they are an excellent investment, since they accumulate value over time.

Among emerging trends include pieces of jewelry that incorporate the design tree of life. Exemplifies strength, tranquillity and interconnection. It is also an intricate design that accentuates the jeweler’s ability to work with various materials to create beauty.

There will always be jewelry pieces that will never come out of style, as they are a classic stapling, regardless of the attire and the occasion, use them. Here are some iconic pieces that you can consider investing and buying to add to your collection.

iconic jewelry

Pearl strand necklace and earring set

If you want to accentuate your neck and facial features, you will do it great to use a delicate single chain of natural pearls. It will raise any formal attire and will attract attention to the carrier. Pearls symbolize integrity, innocence and purity and help you meet an instant classic.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are among the most basic jewelry pieces of each collection. They go well in any attire, regardless of whether they put them during the night or in the working day. They mean simplicity and class and help draw attention to their facial features. A good pair of golden earrings, diamond or sterling silver, will elevate even the most casual outfit in an impressive look.

Puzzle rings

Nothing was beating with a puzzle ring if you want to show your playful side. It draws attention to the fact that you like fun things while still keeping your class. In addition, you can pair these rings with other ring styles for a personalized look that exudes confidence.

Hoop earrings

Nothing surpasses using a hoop earring if you want to exude strength and class like other females before you. Whether you use a small or large ring or a different hoop design, you will attract attention to your face and help you exude confidence and a certain indication of joy. Along with the right attire, it will be great regardless of its location.


Bracelets, simple or inspired by different everyday things, will help you evoke sophistication and class easily. You can choose to go to the delicate style and pair them with other items, or you can choose the thick style and exude vibration and emotion. Without a doubt, you will be seen and you will feel good about yourself, in any way that you go.

Pendant necklaces 

If you want to show your sophistication and class, you will do it great to wear hanging necklaces. They will call attention to your neck, and the pendant design will help start a conversation. Along with the right dress, the right hairstyle and other accessories will surely stand out from the rest easily.

Final takeaway

The pieces of jewelry will always accentuate your outfit and help you establish your style. There are timeless designs that would add glamour and value to your collection and are among those you should look for to invest and buy.


7 top designer handbags that love celebrities

Designer handbags are the perfect way to add more beauty and charm to your life. Adding the hottest handbag is the perfect idea to increase the vitality in your wardrobe. How do you find the latest, hottest, and most beautiful designer bags?

Fashion season can change in the blink of an eye. Let’s look at most celebrities wearing TFar at once. They might wear Hermes at other times. The mode comes and goes. It’s hard to walk in a trendy fashion style. Designer bags are more unexpected in every season.

We have felt the pain to look for you 7 top designer bags that love celebrities. You will not be afraid of being left behind when we plunged into an extraordinary designer bag and this trend.

designer handbags

Chanel 11.22

Channel 11.22 is the perfect handbag for you. Celebrities like it because of its chain, black shadow, and durability. People know this bag with the classic name flap bag. Karl Lagerfeld introduced it in 1983. This legendary bag is a true manifestation of the craft skills of experts professionals. Representatives of fashion houses say that only craftsmen with at least 4 to 5 years of experience are entrusted to make Chanel 11.12.

This flawless bag requires almost 15 intense workers to create a magnificent, smooth, and attractive bag. It has a signature quilting (diamond). To decorate the flap closure, it has a key-cc. Long shoulder straps interwoven with 7 bags are waiting for your shoulders. This luxury bag is for all Weathers. The nature of the chameleon of this handbag allows you to use it in summer and winter. Do you like leather or non-skin in various sizes for bags, Chanel 11.12 is for you.

Gucci 1995 Horsebit

The Gucci 1995 Horsebit is special to have a stylish pattern and Gucci canvas. It has a customized flap and rope closure. In this bag are two compartments. One of them is a zip pocket and the other is a flat pocket. Have fun because you can get this luxury bag in different colours (like blue, red, and black) and the size of your choice. You can find it on canvas and skin.

Prada Cleo

This shoulder or cross-body bag is famous for its flexibility and luxury. This is part of the spring/summer collection of 2022. You can get past fashion style vibrations from Prada Cleo. The shape is curved can rejuvenate your mood. It has metal and skin that is brushed to add to the aesthetic appeal. It has one compartment with a flat pocket.

Prada Cleo is available in one size and two styles. You can get it with closure and magnetic buttons. Also, available on the shoulder that can be adjusted or the shoulder remains. It comes in white, black, grey, and cream.

Givenchy Cut-out Bag

Celebrities like Givenchy cut-out bags because of their amazing colours and strong chains. Matthew Williams introduced this luxury bag in October 2020. Since then, people have loved it. It resembles a hobo bag with a v-cut line and prominent outline. It also has a customized leather strap, buckle closure, and chain. You can get this bag in three sizes – mini, small, and large. You can have many possible colours that fit your personality with a bag cut-out Givenchy.

Louis Vuitton Coussin

Louis Vuitton Coussin has saturated chains and colours for you. This arouses a passion for gender equality. That’s why most celebrities like it. This is a perfect masculinity model and femininity. The combination of shoulder straps and clumsy gold made its ornaments. Zip closure connects three compartments. It has a monogram pattern arising and is available in two sizes – PM and MM. You can bring this cross body or on your shoulder. You can get a Louis handbag in different colours like purple, green, blue, raspberry, and more.

Bottega Veneta Point Bag

Bottega Veneta Point Bag is a luxurious handbag with amazing colours, styles, and materials. It seems like part of the Pre-spring Wardrobe 01 triangle line. Suddenly capture the heart and mind of celebrity. Your summer clothes will come with this luxurious point bag. Appears in the form of a trapezoid. The top handle is a triangle, a single compartment, and the shoulder strap makes it a beautiful part. You can get the Bottega Veneta point bag in two sizes and several colours – green, black, purple, raspberry, and many other colours.

Dior Caro

Classic motifs, chains, and spectacular ropes make Dior Caro works perfect for summer collections. It will surprise you to know that to make this extraordinary luxury bag, craftsmen must complete at least 18 thousand stitches. This is a flap bag, and you can use it for a special event. Size 4 luxury – micro, small, medium, and large – make it the only size bag. You can get this bag in Raspberry, Purple, Blue, and White. The antique style of this bag appeals to celebrities very much.

The Bottom Line

Clothing style takes changes that cannot be predicted every year and every season. To walk with a trend is a treadmill task. That’s why we have explored your most famous celebrity bags. You can bring joy, beauty, and fulfilment into your wardrobe and colour into your life. These bags are suitable for every season and come in various colours and sizes. Enjoy using this luxury bag today.


Trends of Nostalgia Dressing in 2022

Fashion trends continue to adhere to the rule that everything is old becomes new. If you look at old photos of our parents when they were our age, you will probably find something catchy on elegant themes. Let’s take a look at the 2022 trends in women’s nostalgia that we have compiled with enibana women fashion observers.

Y2K: Technology and Low Rise Jeans

This style comes from the 2000s when mode revolves around an obsession with the future. With all this anxiety and anticipation, everyone constantly looks into the future, wondering what technology’s progress will be brought by the new century. Metallic details, edgy accessories such as pointy corners and pointed heels, as well as latex pieces, start forming a mode history again. In addition, celebrities like Britney Spears are actively promoting this style through their music videos.

Nostalgia Dressing in 2022

However, the best and most unique 2000s trends restore and transform by a new generation. We speak the basics of baggier, peaks and sweaters, denim skirts, high heels, and, of course, jeans up low. The style defined this decade once again dominates the fashion world.

The 1990s Classic Solution

Maybe the longest and richest trend of the past, which continues to please us with nostalgic bits. Well, the 90s were a very large period in the history of fashion and continued to carry darker colours, faux, and combat shoes back into the game. Also, straight-cut jeans have become standards for many silhouettes in this style.

To make sure your wardrobe doesn’t look worn out, you can combine the classic 90s with more modern pieces. You can choose a different direction. For example, plunging towards the brave style in the 90s by choosing a classic leather jacket with dark glasses, put your hair with high Karau and complete the look with a modern solution in the form of branking jeans with girlfriend jeans.

Vintage Chic With the 1960s

What about diving further into the past in your search for new inspiration? We know what can attract your attention! Many elements of the 2022 trend mode borrow ideas from the optimistic 60s. This is another important period that changes the world of fashion and gives us never to see stylish solutions such as bright colours with thick mould.

During this period, we have witnessed the appearance of iconic miniskirts which remain trendy to this day. To immerse yourself in this style, you can also try to combine modern things with things from the past. For example, try to see vintage sunglasses, mini skirts, oversized cardigans, and a pair of stylish sneakers.
Dive into fashion history!

Loan ideas from the past can be a brilliant opportunity to explore the history of modes and turn it into something new and unique. Now, with many styles, textures, and prints available, easy to get lost. With classic Immortal, the process of choosing clothes for one day turns out to be a pleasure without nerves and puzzles. Instead of reinventing the wheel, just take what has been proven for years and poles it to shine!


2020 Met Gala Theme has been announced – let’s go to what we need to know

‘About time: mode and duration,’

The theme of Met Gala for 2020 annual Confab has been announced by the Metropolitan Costume Institute museum. This theme was based on the early theory of the 20th century from French philosopher Sir Henri Bergson and a novel like Virginia Woolf.

2020 Met Gala Theme

Wendy Yu’s curator responsible for the Institute of Costume, Andrew Bolton, said that he was inspired by the Sally Potter of the Orlando film released in 1992. In an interview with Vogue, said Andrew Bolton, “There is a beautiful scene at the Swinton Tilda where entering the labyrinth in the robe The 18th century woman à la francaise, and when she passed her, her clothes turned into a mid-19th dress, and she reappeared in the 1850s England. That’s where the original idea came from. ”

In addition, the sources revealed that the 150-year warning would be the biggest all the time. A report from the New York Times stated that 70 percent of Biennale would consist of goods originating from the ownership of the museum, and the remaining 30 percent would be a new gift to respect and celebrate the 150th birthday of women’s clothing.

The collection will be branched into two different collections

which shows the style of women’s clothing from 1870 to 2020. One part will display black appearance and other white clothing ensembles that show how the ‘moment’ mode shifts with time. The collection also highlights chronology throughout the history of women’s clothing.

Met Gala 2020

For example, the black princess dress

From the late 1870s will be paired with the Alexander McQueen ‘Bumster’ skirt from 1995, and the black bustle of the mid-1880s will be juxtaposed with a Comme des Garçons ‘Body Meets Dress—Dress Meets Body’ dress from 1997. “- said by Met during the theme announcement.

This post is based on the Met Gala 2020 theme

All performances will be designed by Es Devlin, an expert behind the series of Royal Opera House and Beyonce Formation Tours.