Best Beaches in Sydney’s

When Australia is a continental island, surrounded by water and with 34,218 km of coastline so it has many beautiful and popular beaches to choose from. This list will focus on sydneys best beaches and which is the most popular in a certain order.

Best Beaches in Sydney

1. Manly Beach

Murly is a north beach composed of three sections: Queenscliff, North Steyne and South Steyne. There are many things to do at the beach Manly and not only at the beach itself, as it is also located near shops and restaurants. Many cafes and bars dot the beach and there is a pedestrian trading band only called Corso. Surfing is a well-known past out there, with many beginners trying to skill on the waves. The beach was named by Captain Arthur Phillip, the first governor of the new colony of New South Wales.

2. Balmoral Beach

This family beach is an ideal place to spend the day with soft clear waters due to the beach protected by an ocean swell and many stains of picnic and cafes. One of these places is the baton’s flag that is a 1930s inheritance classified building and is now a coffee and upscale restaurant. The beach is also popular with divers and kayakists.

3. Bondi Beach

Without a doubt, one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Bondi Beach is located about 9 kilometers east of the Sydney CBD. Like Beach Manly, he has a walk with a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants to live. The beach itself hosts many events with the contest of Beauty Miss Bondi are held there and be particularly popular among locals and travelers. Bondi also has a skatepark and is represented in the National Rugby League (NRL) by the SYDNEY cocks, so if you want NRL tips on roosters, you could go to Bondi Beach and ask the inhabitants. Bondi has two lifestyle clubs, the life rescue club of Bondi Surf Bather and the North Bondi Surf Saving Saving Saving Club, both have been important for the beach over the years. One of the reasons is to protect the RIP swimmers at the southern end of the beach, called “Backpackers Rip”, where the water looks in a misleading way.

4. Palm Beach

Palm Beach has something for everyone. The northern part of the beach, because of its waves, is ideal for surfing and boogie boarding, while the southern end water is much quieter and ideal for children. There is also a lighthouse that you can go hiking and getting a magnificent view of the beach and the surrounding areas. His pretend to glory is that the Australian TV soap of television and outside is filmed there.

5. Shelly Beach

The north coast is more a heaven compared to other beaches on this list. Located in the bay and much quieter than other beaches because of its location. This is a beach facing west that is good to see the sunset and is also a great place to snorkel because there is a lot of marine life there that are protected by the surrounding nature reserve. There is also a walking line located nearby which has views of the North Coast and Shelly Boathouse beach where you can get some sensational food.

Try one, or try everything, there is no visit to Sydney complete without one or two days on the beach.