Beware of these 8 cosmetics materials in your beauty products

Please note eight components described in this article to protect themselves from potentially dangerous makeup products. Stay here to find out how these substances hurt you!

Cosmetics make ingredients absorb into the skin, eventually entering the bloodstream. Powder can also be inhaled or digested cosmetics. Studies have linked certain substances which are included in cosmetics on significant health risks. The following are some health problems that are often faced by people who ultimately use beauty products with worrying materials:beauty products

  • Neurological problems.
  • Development delay
  • Endocrine abnormalities, which affect hormonal production of the body.
  • Cancer

This article describes what cosmetic components to avoid and locate safer alternatives.


Ethanol, in large doses, is demonstrated to damage the sebaceous layer of the skin. It contains hygroscopic qualities, which means that it stinks the moisture of the skin, which causes it to become dry and cracked. When combined with water, the impact is reduced.

Formulations containing ethanol can spiral rapidly in a vicious circle. One uses a moisturizer designed for dry skin. Because it contains ethanol, the cream is even further skin. As a result, more cream is used because the skin becomes more dry, which is dried by the skin.

The type of alcohol and concentration where it is consumed determines whether it is dangerous for the skin. When the alcohol level is less than 5%, it does not have a negative impact on the skin because it evaporates completely because the product is given, eliminating the risk of drying skin. This protects against microbiological contamination by disclosing its preservation capabilities in the formulation. On the other hand, chemical preservatives are harmful to the skin since Paraben remains on the skin and is absorbed by the body.


Consumers must avoid using several cosmetic items that have been positively tested for asbestos, according to the FDA trusted source in 2019. These articles contain powder, substances that are safe in and from themselves.

Talc can be found in various cosmetics, including flushing, eye shadows, and bronzers. It absorbs moisture, gives a blurry, and prevents makeup from “caking.”

On the other hand, Talc can offer health hazards due to asbestos contamination; Both talk and asbestos are natural minerals found on the ground and are usually nearby. Asbestos is a known cancer substance that can pollute the talih that has not been used used in certain cosmetics.


Eye cosmetics containing Kohl can contain high tin levels, which are toxic heavy metals for the body.

Lead can be included in any eye product containing one of the following ingredients:

  • kwalli
  • tozali
  • tiro
  • Surma
  • al-Kahal
  • kajal
  • Kohl


Many cosmetics contain parabens, used as preservatives. On cosmetic labels, parabens can appear as follows:

  • butylparaben
  • ethylparaben
  • propylparaben
  • methylparaben

Makeup, moisturizers, capillary products and facial kits may include parabens. Parabens are chemicals like estrogen that can penetrate into the body through the skin.

Even if the parabens are only a small form of estrogen, they can be sufficient to trigger breast cancer cells to grow. An estrogen imbalance can sometimes lead to breast cancer, called positive breast cancer of the hormone receiver.

Paraben can be found in breast tissue and malignant, although it does not mean that they are related to cancer. This could be a sign of its widespread use. Additional research will be needed to determine whether or not there is a clear correlation.


According to doctors, oxybenzone is one of the most worrying components of solar cross lotions and gold facial kits, is oxybenzone, which is used as a chemical filter. It can induce allergies and hormonal changes when it is absorbed by the skin. Pregnant women and toddlers should avoid it, according to Dr. Yuti Nakhwa, the dermatologist and founder of Elixir Skin and Hair Clinic. “It is preferable to use mineral or physical solar screens, which contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in their formulas to protect yourself by deviating the sun.”

Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic odors, also called perfumes or perfumes, are better avoided because they can cause severe allergies and rashes. They are usually found in perfumes, baby lotions, wipes and air sanitors. However, the researchers of the Environmental Working Group have discovered that phthalates are present in more than 75% of the products that list “perfume” as an ingredient. Phthalates disturb hormonal activity, cause malformation of reproduction and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes and obesity.


It is a collection of compounds used in cosmetics to extend their shelf life. It is used in nail polish to avoid cracking. Hair pulvaux to prevent rigidity and perfumes as a solvent and fixative. Phthalates have been associated with asthma, hyperactivity disorder with attention, breast cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes and reproductive problems, according to studies. You can choose from phthalate-free brands, including Lotus Herbal products.


Shampoos, toothpaste, Facial gold kits, solar cream lotions and creams contain foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth sulphate (Stiles). However, these chemicals in cosmetics have been linked to eye damage, depression and irritation of scalp and skin, depending on the research. According to a Japanese study, SLS can even change cell genomes. Read carefully labels and choose articles that clearly declare “SLS / SLE SLOWE” in the list of ingredients. For example, SLS and SLES are not present in Lotus Herbal products.

Products that are safe to use:

By reducing your makeup use or tilting on safer and non-toxic alternatives, you can prevent exposure to potentially dangerous substances. Some chemical and safe chemical goods to use are listed below –

  1. Safe Sun Mom & Me SPF 25 & 40 Sunscreen
  2. Lotus BABY+ SUNSCREEN SPF 20 PA+++
  3. Safe Sun UV Shield Whitening Gel Cream SPF 50 PA+++
  4. Safe sun DeTan after-sun Face Scrub
  5. Safe sun kids’ sunscreen cream SPF 25 by Lotus Herbals


The Congress has not revised the cosmetic legislation since 1938, according to the EEC. Cosmetic companies, with the exception of color additives, do not require FDA approval before marketing their products. As a result, many cosmetic products, solar lotions and make-up items may include hazardous ingredients. People can also follow the opinion of the Environmental Working Group, which has a classification system to determine how harmful specific things are. You can reduce your exposure to potentially dangerous substances to a non-toxic make-up.

However, do not! There are safer alternatives in brands that care about your skin, just as you do. Lotus Herbals is a pioneer brand offering skin care and make-up products that are totally free of harmful ingredients, do not contain any chemicals, are made of safer natural ingredients, are comfortable and totally biological. Place your confidence in Lotus Herbals line of skin adapted for skin care and a worry-free makeup experience.