Best sneakers with stars and glittering design for shoe collectors

When you go out in your street outfit, you want to scroll through your sneakers collection and choose the best match for your outfit, right? Well, if you have a collection of sneakers, you could be a showerhead, especially if you do it for a hobby.

Some like to be called shoe collectors and, especially when it comes to sneakers, they tend to be very passionate about it! If you consider yourself a sneaker collector, you have a Friend Sneakerhead, this article highlights some of the best stars sneakers and glitter designs that you can recommend.

sneakers with stars and glittering design for shoe

Why Do People Collect Sneakers?

Before reaching the main juice, it is payable to decipher the reasons for the passion for the collection of sneakers. To start, sneakers are too popular these days, what you may know if you like or have heard of Streetwear fashion.

Not only do they look cool and elegant, but they also have a rich history and a culture behind them. Especially Golden Goose, scintillating and sneakers with stars winning more and more popularity and seem to be among the latest sneakers these days. In addition, women’s options are also available in a wide variety of options and sneakers are not just a virile thing.

Some people even consider them as an investment because they collect them and resell them. A sneakerhead is essentially a person who admires, collects or exchanges passionate sneakers. If it sounds something like you, the list below covers some options that you can find cool and useful for your wardrobe.

Some Great Star and Glitter Design Sneakers

When shopping for trend sneakers, you will obviously have many options to choose from, which can be confusing. You may not know also to add to your next sneaker collection if you are a collection with hundreds of sneakers. If scintillating / engraved sneakers amuse you, here are some excellent options to consider.

Steven NY Rubie Star Sneakers

With a shiny silver star on the side and a golden stripe along the lace eyelet area, here are some of the best tops you can collect. White (and black) platform sneakers are elegant prepreg for this high look.

They have a rubber sole, a leather body, a fabric lining and veal hair as primary materials. Alternative color options are also available, including the one with Gold Glitter and a pink back as well as interesting impressions such as Zebra and Leopard.

Super-Star Women’s Golden Goose Sneaker

They define it as their signature, their emblematic marker, and there are compelling reasons to believe it. These dupes come in white, with a silver straw that gives a glamorous touch next to a cool look. There is also a white and black, white and pink version, and much more.

Nature Breeze Gold Star Women’s Platform Sneakers

For ladies, you have one more, cool sneaker here to add to your collection. With a white platform sole, these dupes come warmly with golden laces for this trendy appearance. Outside rose gold, they are also available in white or black with a white sole and a silver star.

Steve Madden Starling Sneaker

Often in pink and white, these are perfect for a relaxed look. The Steve Madden Starling Sneaker looks like sneakers from the Golden Goose collection, only that scratch marks are fewer. Alternatives include Steve Madden Rezza sneakers, mainly designed for women. It comes with a higher leather suede material and a quality rubber sole for the greatest comfort.

Shearling-Lined Distressed Mid Star Sneakers

Thanks to the comfort they provide, these highs have been mentioned by Forbes as among the most fashionable sneakers to start the year. The sheepskin lining is large which provides hairstyle in cold weather. They also come in neutral colours, which makes them easy to eder with different outfits.

And There you go. Whether you are a collector of eager sneakers or you have just started, you will have a good chance that you have one or two options to consider adding to your list of list above!